Process : Power Gaming Series 2018 Trophies

Every year, the Power House Gaming school schedules a big E-sport event at the “Palais des Sports” of Mulhouse (a "traditional" sports venues in the city), the Power Gaming Series.[...]

Female Monk Diablo Blizzard FoxDirector Photography

Monk : Making-of

«In that moment, with victory at hand, I saw the nephalem in a new light : she is a hero who can defeat the champions of Heaven and Hell and[...]

Concours Cosplay Tuto Conseils

Behind the scenes of cosplay contests

I often talk about cosplay contests with other cosplayers, cosplay judges or visitors during conventions. When I noticed that I already judged 11 cosplay contests in less than 2 years,[...]

recap 2017 Black Owl Studio

Review 2017

2017 was a really busy year for us at Black Owl Studio. Many conventions, the Crown Championships of Cosplay finals, new costumes, and the development of our little business still...[...]

Thermoplastics : Worbla’s Finest Art, Black, Pearly, Meshed, Transpa Art, Cosplayflex…

Presentation Thermoplastics, as their name suggests, are plastic materials that react to heat. Rigid when at room temperature, they become malleable when heated, allowing to form armor pieces, props and[...]

Black Knight: Making-of

«Crafting a full armor from the ground up in just one month ? Eaaaasy !» Among the three costumes we wanted to bring with us to Blizzcon in 2015, the[...]

Tutorial : Crafting fake teeth

Material : Worbla’s Deco art (small white pellets) A bowl (heat-resistant, avoid plastic) A heat gunSculpting tools A glass of cold water Black tea 1st step : Dental impression First,[...]

Tutorial : Crafting articulated wings

Define the need To build my Guardian of Kings costume, I HAD to have wings; and for good measure, they HAD to open. The biggest challenge was to give a[...]

2016 recap

2016 marked a turning point for Black Owl Studio. Few new costumes made, but we had many events, shootings, contests and the starting of our business. A look back on[...]

Making-of: Vorpal Blade

I reaaaally love Alice: Madness Returns, the story and the atmosphere of this game makes it one of my favorites. Vorpal Blade is Alice Liddell’s main weapon, we find it[...]

Warsong Commander cosplay

Warsong Commander: Making-of

I fell in love with Wei Wang’s Warsong Commander artwork as soon as I got my beta key for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. And when we finally decided to go[...]

Warsong Commander Axe

Warsong Commander: Axe making of

Following on the complete Warsong Commander costume making of, here is the process for the axe (shield is also available here). Patterns + wooden body To ease the making of[...]

Warsong commander: Shield making of

In addition to the complete costume's making of, as well as the one about the axe, here is the making of the Warsong Commander’s shield. Patterns For the axe, I[...]

Black Owl Studio Fantasy Basel 2016

Fantasy Basel 2016

A photo summary of our visit to the Fantasy Basel 2016 - The Swiss Comic Con where we went saturday. An epic day, in which we met and saw many[...]

Tutorial: How to make dreadlocks on a wig

You will need : A wig, with hair long enough to braid dreads (note that a dreadlock reduces the length of the hair by 1/4). I chose Tauriel wig, made by[...]

Tutorial: How to use Pepakura Designer software

The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you the basics of Pepakura Designer, a papercraft software. Let's start with a short presentation: Tama Software offers a small range of[...]

Material: Plastiline

Important note: Plastiline is mainly sold in France and can be hard to find out of Europe. If you live outside Europe, you may prefer ordering another oil based sculpting medium, called[...]

Dragonpriest Staff

1. Model [efsrow] [efscolumn lg="6" md="6" smoff="0" mdoff="0" lgoff="0" ] [/efscolumn] [efscolumn lg="6" md="6" smoff="0" mdoff="0" lgoff="0" ] [/efscolumn] [/efsrow] In order to complete the Mage/Dragonpriest costume from Skyrim, we[...]

Skyforge Steel War Axe

To complete my Aela the Huntress's outfit, I built up the Skyforge Steel War Axe! [efsrow] [efscolumn lg="3" md="3" sm="3" smoff="0" mdoff="0" lgoff="0" ] [/efscolumn] [efscolumn lg="9" md="9" sm="9" smoff="0" mdoff="0"[...]

Vokun: making of a resin mask

1. Model [efsrow] [efscolumn lg="2" md="2" sm="2" smoff="0" mdoff="0" lgoff="0" ] [/efscolumn] [efscolumn lg="10" md="10" sm="10" smoff="0" mdoff="0" lgoff="0" ] This is Vokun’s mask, one of the 12 Dragonpriests, from[...]

Cosplay: Aela the Huntress

1. Model [efsrow] [efscolumn lg="4" md="4" sm="4" smoff="0" mdoff="0" lgoff="0" ] [/efscolumn] [efscolumn lg="4" md="4" sm="4" smoff="0" mdoff="0" lgoff="0" ] [/efscolumn] [efscolumn lg="4" md="4" sm="4" smoff="0" mdoff="0" lgoff="0" ] [/efscolumn][...]

Amulet of Kynareth

As for The Gauldur Amulet before, I am going to explain to you the different steps to make the Amulet of Kynareth. 1. Modeling the amulet [efsrow] [efscolumn lg="6" md="6" sm="6" smoff="0" mdoff="0"[...]

Tutorial: Chain mail

The material you're going to use for your chain mail will strongly affect its cost as well as the time needed to complete it. It is possible to make your[...]

The Gauldur Amulet

In this post, you will see each step that led to the creation of the Gauldur Amulet (also known as the Saarthal Amulet) from the video game Skyrim. 1. Modeling the[...]