Review 2022

2022 has been a busy year for our studio with challenges, new creations, but also some difficulties. Join us for a review of the past year between cats, mushrooms and mandrakes, change of raw materials, […]

Sculpture: Plastiline & Monster Clay

Comparison between Plastiline and Monster Clay: two oil-based clays, perfect for sculpture and that we use in our workshop.

Our Magical Ideas for a Harry Potter-style Decor!

Are you looking for ideas to create a little corner of magic in your home? We give you our ideas, our tips and some tutorials to craft great stuff yourself!

A Story of Mandrakes

Almost 5 years since our mandrakes were born! Discover in this article and in a video the manufacturing secrets of our best-sellers!

Process : Power Gaming Series 2018 Trophies

Every year, the Power House Gaming school schedules a big E-sport event at the “Palais des Sports” of Mulhouse (a “traditional” sports venues in the city), the Power Gaming Series. It serves as an end-of-year […]

Monk : Making-of

The Diablo 3’s Monk, an interesting project but turned a bit tougher than expected ! It was supposed to be a «light costume», but it actually was a hell of a challenge... mainly with sewing.

Behind the scenes of cosplay contests

It’s first and foremost a place to have fun. You can meet and connect with the other cosplayers, the staff and the judges. Backstages and changing rooms are great places to bond with new people who share the same interests.[...]

Review 2017

2017 was a really busy year for us at Black Owl Studio. Many conventions, the Crown Championships of Cosplay finals, new costumes, and the development of our little business still… Good experiences, fails and new […]

Thermoplastics : Worbla’s Finest Art, Black, Pearly, Meshed, Transpa Art, Cosplayflex…

Today we are testing for you : Worbla's Finest Art, Cosplayflex, Worbla Black, Pearly, Meshed and Transpa Art ! Thermoplastics, as their name suggests, are plastic materials that react to heat. Rigid when at room temperature, they become malleable when[...]

Black Knight: Making-of

«Crafting a full armor from the ground up in just one month ? Eaaaasy !» Among the three costumes we wanted to bring with us to Blizzcon in 2015, the Black Knight was the last […]

Tutorial : Crafting articulated wings

To build my Guardian of Kings costume, I HAD to have wings; and for good measure, they HAD to open. The biggest challenge was to give a “Woah” effect to the costume, like a peacock showing off his plumage. To[...]

2016 recap

2016 marked a turning point for Black Owl Studio. Few new costumes made, but we had many events, shootings, contests and the starting of our business. A look back on a busy year…

Making-of: Vorpal Blade

I reaaaally love Alice: Madness Returns, the story and the atmosphere of this game makes it one of my favorites. Vorpal Blade is Alice Liddell’s main weapon, we find it on Jabberwock’s skeleton at the beginning of the game. I[...]

Warsong Commander: Making-of

I fell in love with Wei Wang’s Warsong Commander artwork as soon as I got my beta key for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. And when we finally decided to go to Blizzcon 2015, I immediately thought about making a cosplay[...]

Warsong Commander: Axe making of

Following on the complete Warsong Commander costume making of, here is the process for the axe. To ease the making of this axe, I first re-drew it on Illustrator (vectorial drawing). From this, we obtained precise dimensions, and Joris could[...]

Warsong commander: Shield making of

As for the axe, I first re-drew the shield in vector graphics on Illustrator while placing each part of the shield on separate layers. This shield is a bit huge, so we had to plan different assembly parts. We started[...]

Fantasy Basel 2016

A photo summary of our visit to the Fantasy Basel 2016 - The Swiss Comic Con where we went saturday. An epic day, in which we met and saw many people. It was so great to see and speak with[...]

Tutorial: How to make dreadlocks on a wig

Here is my method to make dreadlocks on a wig without using gel or wax. All you need is: a comb, a hair-straightener, a wet rag and your feet!

Tutorial: How to use Pepakura Designer software

Find out our complete tutorial about Pepakura Designer software, including explanations on how to use the software and prepare an object for printing.

Material: Plastiline

Plastiline became essential to us when creating our first cosplays. We’re giving you here a short presentation of this useful and practical material that we use in many situations.

Dragon Priest Staff

In order to complete the mage/dragonpriest costume from Skyrim, we planned on creating a dragonpriest staff. An interesting challenge, as it is a huge piece (1.80m) with a lot of details and effects that requires the use of LEDs.

Skyforge Steel War Axe

Time to chop heads! Here is the Skyforge Steel War Axe (Skyrim) we made, using a kit from Volpin Props.

Vokun: making of a resin mask

Find out how we created the Dragonpriest Mask of Vokun, from Skyrim. Included in this tutorial: Pepakura and Plastiline master modelling, creation of silicon molds, resin casting with aluminium powder (gel coat), painting and fixing systems.

Cosplay: Aela the Huntress

For my first cosplay, I chose to work on Aela the Huntress’ outfit from Skyrim. This armor is an Ancient Nord Armor that we can find in the game. If you can’t find enough Aela references, you can still search[...]

Amulet of Kynareth

Back with a new amulet from Skyrim: the Amulet of Kynareth. Discover how to create one using the Plastiline master, silicon mold and resin cast method. Small bonus: discovery of the stained-glass paint for a nice metallic look.

Tutorial: Chainmail

Learn how to make a chain mail according to the European ‘4 in 1’ method. All from metallic wire rolls, a wooden stick, a wire cutter and a lot of patience.

The Gauldur Amulet

In this post, you will learn how to model a Gauldur Amulet with Plastiline, and create a silicon mold to print an acrylic resin cast. This tutorial also gives you painting advice for a more realistic outcome. Last but not[...]