The workshop

Our workshop is located in the former DMC factory, an emblematic industrial site built throughout the 20th century, in the heart of Mulhouse.

It will have taken us more than a year to complete the whole construction: from the electricity and the floor, to the construction of a full mezzanine. To help us achieve them, we were able to count on the support of Ulule contributors as well as a grant from the Region Grand Est. In September 2019, we were finally able to settle in and open the workshop to the public.

We have a shop part to allow the public to come and get our mandrakes, masks, cosplay accessories and other decorative items directly from the creators.

The workshop also allows us to greet cosplayers and other handmade enthusiasts for training (molding, chain mail, papercraft, etc.) or for craft sessions with other enthusiasts.

Feel free to visit us !

Black Owl Studio

DMC- 55 rue de Pfastatt
68200 Mulhouse

The team

Black Owl Studio - Team
  • Marie Katzenmayer

    Marie Katzenmayer

    The creative one: sculpture, drawing and painting are his favorite areas. She collects Deadpool comics, loves Walt Disney, Jurassic Park, game design, herbal tea (as a granny) and occasionally plays Minecraft (creative mode of course!)

  • Mael Alos

    Mael Alos

    Interests: Fan of Halo, Overwatch, Destiny and video games in general, has a small collection of comics and figures. Specialties: Molding, resin and sewing.

HELLO ! We are Marie and Maël, a couple of passionate cosplayers, better known as Black Owl Studio.

Quick history

  • We started cosplaying in 2012, creating costumes  and using various techniques that we learned as autodidacts.
  • With our colleague Joris, we left our jobs as graphic designer, web designer and web developer in August 2015 to dedicate ourselves to cosplay and the creation of our company.
  • In October 2016, we joined the Hopla structure, a business incubator in Mulhouse in order to test our “life-size” activity. We settle in an attic converted into a workshop to make our costumes, accessories and objects.
  • Our Etsy store was born in March 2017, allowing us to market our creations everywhere in France but also across the world, whether in Germany, the United States, or even in Australia or Japan!
  • August 2018: The company Black Owl Studio (SARL) is born!
  • Our new workshop opens its doors to the public in September 2019.

Our skills

  • Sculpture
  • 3D modeling and printing
  • Molding
  • Resin casting
  • Papercraft
  • Woodworking, foamsmithing and thermoplastics
  • By hand and airbrush painting
  • Electronics and programming
  • Sewing
  • 2D computer graphics and illustration
  • Events organizer

Self-taught, we never stop training in new techniques or deepening those that we already use on a daily basis.


2<sup>nd</sup> place - Armor category

2nd place - Armor category

Fantasy Basel

Basel (Switzerland) / May 7, 2016
Cosplay : Black Knight (Hearthstone)

French Champion

French Champion

French Championships of Cosplay / Comic Con Paris

Paris / October 22, 2016
Cosplay : Warsong Commander (Hearthstone)


French representative

Crown Championships of Cosplay Final / C2E2

Chicago (USA) / April 22, 2017
Cosplay : Warsong Commander (Hearthstone)

2<sup>nd</sup> Place

2nd Place

Nintendo cosplay contest / Zurich Game Show

Zurich (Switzerland) / September 16, 2017
Cosplay : Skull Kid (The Legend of Zelda : Majora’s Mask)


1st Place Festival Winner

Fantasy Basel

Basel (Switzerland) / May 7, 2016
Cosplay : Warsong Commander (Hearthstone)


1st Place “Cosplay of the Day”

Fantasy Basel

Basel (Switzerland) / May 7, 2016
Cosplay : Warsong Commander (Hearthstone)


1st Place “Best of Cosplay”

Numerik Games

Yverdon-les-Bains (Switzerland) /
September 3, 2016
Cosplay : Black Knight & Warsong Commander (Hearthstone)


1st Place


Epinal / March 5, 2017
Cosplay : Alice Liddell (Alice : Madness Returns)


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