Sculpture: Plastiline & Monster Clay

Oil based clays Oil based clays are made from various combinations of oils, waxes and clay minerals. As these components do not evaporate, these pastes have the particularity of not[...]

Our Magical Ideas for a Harry Potter-style Decor!

Mandrakes, philosopher's stone or Basilisk Fang are objects that we have been making for several years now. With an activity like ours, highlighting the product is almost as important as[...]

Thermoplastics : Worbla’s Finest Art, Black, Pearly, Meshed, Transpa Art, Cosplayflex…

Presentation Thermoplastics, as their name suggests, are plastic materials that react to heat. Rigid when at room temperature, they become malleable when heated, allowing to form armor pieces, props and[...]

Tutorial : Crafting fake teeth

Material : Worbla’s Deco art (small white pellets)A bowl (heat-resistant, avoid plastic)A heat gunSculpting toolsA glass of cold waterBlack tea 1st step : Dental impression First, put some Worbla’s Deco[...]

Tutorial : Crafting articulated wings

[ads_head] Some links in this post are part of the Amazon Affiliate Program. Define the need To build my Guardian of Kings costume, I HAD to have wings; and for[...]

Tutorial: How to make dreadlocks on a wig

You will need : A wig, with hair long enough to braid dreads (note that a dreadlock reduces the length of the hair by 1/4).I chose Tauriel wig, made by Arda[...]

Tutorial: How to use Pepakura Designer software

[ads_head] The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you the basics of Pepakura Designer, a papercraft software. Let's start with a short presentation:Tama Software offers a small range of[...]

Material: Plastiline

[ads_head] [27/02/20 EDIT :] Even if we still use Plastiline for complex mold making, we now prefer the Monster Clay for all that relates to sculpting. Important note: Plastiline is[...]

Tutorial: Chainmail

The material you're going to use for your chainmail will strongly affect its cost as well as the time needed to complete it. It is possible to make your chainmail[...]