Process : Power Gaming Series 2018 Trophies

The complete process of how we build the Power Gaming Series e-sports trophy, from sketches to resin.

Female Monk Diablo Blizzard FoxDirector Photography Process

Monk : Making-of

The Diablo 3’s Monk, an interesting project but turned a bit tougher than expected ! It was supposed to be a «light costume», but it actually was a hell of a challenge… mainly with sewing.

Concours Cosplay Tuto Conseils Blog

Behind the scenes of cosplay contests

I often talk about cosplay contests with other cosplayers, cosplay judges or visitors during conventions. In this post, I talk about cosplay contests, steps that compose them (meeting point, prejudging, skits…), ratings, and yoou will also find some tips as well for contestants (or future contestants), than for judges or visitors !

recap 2017 Black Owl Studio Blog

Review 2017

2017 was a really busy year for us at Black Owl Studio. Many conventions, the Crown Championships of Cosplay finals, new costumes, and the development of our little business still… Good experiences, fails and new year’s projects, it’s all there ! A year full of conventions We went to a total of 19 conventions throughout […]


Thermoplastics : Worbla’s Finest Art, Black, Pearly, Meshed, Transpa Art, Cosplayflex…

Today we are testing for you : Worbla’s Finest Art, Cosplayflex, Worbla Black, Pearly, Meshed and Transpa Art ! Thermoplastics, as their name suggests, are plastic materials that react to heat. Rigid when at room temperature, they become malleable when heated, allowing to form armor pieces, props and other elements involved in the making of a cosplay.


Black Knight: Making-of

«Crafting a full armor from the ground up in just one month ? Eaaaasy !» Among the three costumes we wanted to bring with us to Blizzcon in 2015, the Black Knight was the last one we made. One month before our departure to Los Angeles, the costume was barely started (a small piece of […]