Cosplay Aela

Aela the Huntress

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Creation date : 2013 - 2014

Matérials : Pepakura / Plastiline / Silicone / Acrylic resin / Urethane resin / Aluminum powder / Wood / Suede / Cotton / Faux fur / EVA foam / Worbla's Finest Art / Fimo / Aluminum wire / Acrylic paint / Turquoises

First cosplay for Marie, we wanted to find “quick” costumes to make for Japan Expo 2013 and we thought that Aela the Huntress’ costume would be perfect to start with. It still took us 2 months to come to the end of the tunic, chainmail, Gauldur’s amulet and to mount the Skyforge Steel War Axe (from the Volpin Props kit).
For the rest, we made the Steel Shield, the Ancient Nord Helmet and the Nord Hero Bow with quiver and draugr arrows to complete the costume.