Tutorial : Crafting fake teeth

In this tutorial we will see how to quickly make fake teeth in Worbla’s Deco art in just 3 steps.


Tutorial : Crafting articulated wings

Complete cosplay tutorial to craft articulated angel wings from wood and foam.


2016 recap

2016 marked a turning point for Black Owl Studio. Few new costumes made, but we had many events, shootings, contests and the starting of our business. A look back on a busy year…


Making-of: Vorpal Blade

I reaaaally love Alice: Madness Returns, the story and the atmosphere of this game makes it one of my favorites. Vorpal Blade is Alice Liddell’s main weapon, we find it on Jabberwock’s skeleton at the beginning of the game. I like its «butcher knife» look, engraved with tiny flowers, subtle but sharp-edged 😉

Warsong Commander cosplay Process

Warsong Commander: Making-of

I fell in love with Wei Wang’s Warsong Commander artwork as soon as I got my beta key for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. And when we finally decided to go to Blizzcon 2015, I immediately thought about making a cosplay of this character.

Warsong Commander Axe Process

Warsong Commander: Axe making of

Following on the complete Warsong Commander costume making of, here is the process for the axe.