cosplay armor worbla

Black Knight

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Creation date : 2015

Matérials : Plastiline / Silicone / Epoxy resin / Pepakura / EVA foam / Worbla's Finest Art / Worbla's Black Art / Worbla's Transpa Art / LEDs / Cotton / Satin / Aluminum wire / MDF / Acrylic paint / Stained-glass paint

Awards : 2nd Place Armor category (Fantasy Basel - 2016)

After a bit of hesitation, Maël’s choice ended up falling on the Black Knight. The costume is based solely on the artwork by Alex Horley and used for the card in Hearthstone. So, we apologize to the purists of World of Warcraft who may have noticed differences with the in-game character… 😉