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Here are some services we have already provided :

JuryCosplay contest judging

AnimationsHolding a workshop

ConférencesCosplay talk / Q&A

ExpositionHolding a booth (with costumes and props…)

VenteSelling props, posters and goodies

RĂ©parationCosplay repair point

ShootingsPhoto-shoots and animations

TrophéesContest trophies




Cosplay contest judging

Reviewing contestants, grading according to an established grid or not, choosing the winners and announcing them… But above all, exchange with fellow cosplayers!

Black Owl Studio - Digital Games Maga Show
Judging at the European Cosplay Gatherings (Digital Game & Manga Show Strasbourg) with Taldeer, Nuna cosplay and Lightning Cosplay – credits : Noz Photographie

Jury Black Owl Studio - Lightning Cosplay
Judging at the European Cosplay Gatherings (Digital Game & Manga Show Strasbourg) with Lightning Cosplay

Digital Game Manga Show
credits : Digital Game & Manga Show

Geek Unchained II
credits : PMD Photograph / Association Geek Unchained

Jury Geek Unchained II
credits : Association Geek Unchained

Holding a workshop

We can hold a workshop about various subjects (see examples below). Most of them can be done either in demonstration (only the host will manipulate the matter) or actively (each participant has their own materials to work with).

Workshop Cosplay Molding Japan Expo
Cosplay workshop at Japan Expo

Workshop cosplay moulage Fantasy Basel
Molding workshop at Fantasy Basel – credits : Comm/en jouer

Atelier workshop Worbla
Worbla workshop at Digital Game & Manga Show with Cospl&Craft


Example : Molding (in two parts) of an amulet.

Description : Making of a two-parts mold of a small sculpted amulet: making a clay bed, building lego walls, applying silicone, placing air vents… Then a presentation on the different types of molds one can make to adapt to the complexity of their object: boat mold, brush on, matrix mold and so on, provided with examples of each.

Molding cosplay techniques tutorials

molding cosplay workshop

Tuto moulding

moulding smooth-on


Example : Making a small skull to put on an armor.

Description : Presentation of the materials (oil clay), the various sculpting tools and demonstration on the sculpting of a skull after an paper template.
Hands-on approach for the material and tools.

sculpting monsterclay

sculpting plastiline cosplay

sculpting worbla plastiline

sculpting monster clay


Exemple : Casting a mask with acrylic resin

Description : From a silicone mold, making of an acrylic mask : Applying a first layer of resin with a brush, then strengthening it with glass fiber.
Presentation of other resin casts, with an explanation on how to chose your resin depending on what you need to cast. How to use metal powder, what is rotocasting, and so on.

making resin mask

vokun skyrim mask

tuto molding cosplay

molding smooth-on

cold cast


Exemple : making of a small medal with Worbla and details with Worbla Black.

Description : From a paper template, cutting of a small medal in EVA foam, adjustments with a cutter, applying Worbla’s Finest Art on both sides, hand making the fine details with Worbla’s Black Art and applying them on the medal. Presentation of several other pieces made of Worbla.

worbla black alice

blade worbla

armor worbla

armor worbla paint

5.Chain mail

Description : Starting with an aluminum wire, we will be forming rings, cutting them one by one and assembling them as per the 4-in-1 method.

chain mail

chain mail aluminum

tuto chain mail

chain mail

Cosplay talk / Q&A with visitors

Giving speeches on stage, about cosplay in general or different techniques and materials used in the field, about contests, the community, the job of a cosplayer…

black owl studio conférence
Q&A at the Convention Geek Unchained with Yuka Costumes and Aldarion Cosplay – credits : PMD Photograph / Association Geek Unchained

marie black owl studio
Conference at the Japan Addict Z in Strasbourg – credits : FHotographie

Holding a booth (with costumes and props…)

Setting up of a exposition booth with our costumes, props, and object inspired from video games, movies, series…

Stand Cosplay’in Wesserling
Cosplay’in Wesserling

Stand SF Connexion Turckheim
SF Connexion

Stand Fantasy Basel (Switzerland)
Fantasy Basel (Switzerland)

Stand Une Nuit Ă  Poudlard Mulhouse
Une Nuit Ă  Poudlard – credits : Clara J. Odaymi

Stand Retro Gaming Wittenheim

Stand Black Owl Studio

Stand Digital Game & Manga Show
Digital Game & Manga Show

inauguration PowerHouse Gaming school e-sport Mulhouse
Setting up an exposition for the inauguration of PowerHouse Gaming, an e-sport school in Mulhouse

Selling props, posters and goodies

Mandrakes, masks, kits, pendents, posters, badges…

aku aku replica crash bandicoot

badges black owl studio

mandrakes harry potter

Cosplay repair point

Setting up of an area with different tools at the cosplayers disposal for when their costumes start giving up. These tools include, among other, a glue gun, some Worbla, scissors, safety pin and so on. We also give an helping hand to people in need.

booth repair cosplay

Photo-shoots and animations

Posing with visitors in front of a photocall, selfies, animations, poster signing…

warcraft movie premiere
World premiere of the World of Warcraft movie at the Grand Rex movie theater in Paris

grand rex warcraft premiere cosplay
World premiere of the World of Warcraft movie at the Grand Rex movie theater in Paris

festa dell unicorno cosplay
World of Warcraft walk at the Festa dell’Unicorno in Vinci (Italy)

cosplay queen of hearts alice
credits : Les Photos de Riri / Japan Addict Z

Contest trophies

We make on demand resin trophies for tournaments, cosplay contests, or any kind of competition. Prices available on quotation.

trophies e-sport gaming
PG Series 2017 trophies, e-sport tournament in Mulhouse

trophy gaming competition
Trophy made for the Hearthstone Café in Mulhouse

trophée combat robots
Trophées pour les vainqueurs du combat de robots au Makerfight 2017

trophy convention geek
Trophies for the cosplay contest at the Convention Geek Unchained II in Mulhouse

trophy convention geek unchained
Trophy for the cosplay contest at the Convention Geek Unchained II in Mulhouse


Do you want to write a paper or do an interview about cosplay, our group or what we do? Do not hesitate to send us a message detailing your needs and we will do our best to respond accordingly.

interview black owl studio
Interview made for the Geeks by Girls web magazine