About us

Black Owl Studio is first and foremost a group of fans dedicated to the geek universe, sharing on this website their true passion for cosplay.

We are long-term friends native from Alsace, France. We all have a professional background in digital communication and graphic design. Cosplay was meant to be for us, since it is the perfect combination between creativity and everything we love – video games, cinema, geek literature (comics, Sci-Fi, mangas…).

Our motivation comes from all these talented cosplayers –such as Volpin Props, Lightning Cosplay or Wicked Armor, who inspire us with each new masterpiece they create.


The team

Marie KatzenmayerMarie Katzenmayer

 Skills: Plastiline – Painting – Pepakura

Job: Graphic Designer/Illustrator
Hobbies/Interests: Tim Burton, drawing and M-M-Metal Music
Website: www.bandersnark.com

Contact : marie@blackowlstudio.com


Mael AlosMael Alos

Skills: Resin – Casting/Moulding

Job: Webdesigner
Hobbies/Interests: VideoGames, cat gifs, owls
Website: www.maelalos.fr

Contact : mael@blackowlstudio.com


Joris BrollJoris Broll

Skills: Wood working

Job: Webdeveloper
Hobbies/Interests: Music, sport, wood carving
Website: www.joris-broll.com

Contact : joris@blackowlstudio.com



Skills: Project Management, Marketing strategy, Administration and Communication management

Job: Digital Operations Manager
Hobbies/Interests: Star Wars, Mass Effect, fooooooood !

Contact : sarah@blackowlstudio.com